Why Six/Ten

Welcome to winterhaven2.0

The short answer? We’re invested – financially and emotionally. You’ll find the business hows and whys in our strategic vision statement. But our core motivation is pretty simple. We love Winter Haven and we want to see it thrive. That’s why we’re committed to making strategic investments, being a great landlord, and above all, driving economic development while preserving the authentic character of our downtown.

Our Vision

Six/Ten seeks to create value by developing and leasing properties in concert with the Winter Haven community. We will continue to transform downtown Winter Haven by developing and leasing profitable commercial properties, promoting the construction of unique residential options, fostering high-paying jobs, and creating attractive urban spaces in which to play and work. We will leverage our experience with investments in technology companies into highly profitable exit strategies. Six/Ten combines intelligent investors interested in local ownership with hard assets that are transparently managed.

The Story Behind the Name

The name Six/Ten came from something our founder, Carl Strang, was fond of saying: “If you succeed six out of ten times, you’re ultimately going to win.” That doesn’t mean that we’re just hoping for a passing grade – of course, we want every project to succeed. But it does mean that we’re okay with prioritizing long-term success over quick gains.

This philosophy gives us the freedom to take a holistic approach to community building, to pay attention to the “four/ten” – the investments that fortify our sense of place and foster the creation of a community capable of retaining and attracting the bright minds and ambitious spirits who will take Winter Haven to the next level.


We directly manage over 450,000 square feet of commercial property. We have in-house expertise in design and construction. Our goal is to be the best landlord you’ve ever had.

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