With offices in downtown Winter Haven, Protected Trust has developed a culture of privacy, security, and expertise to meet clients’ unique needs to mitigate the risks of data breach, misuse and loss. With a belief that trust and privacy are essential for building meaningful personal and business relationships, Protected Trust helps their client leverage the cloud to keep digital information assets secure, private, and compliant through the information lifecycle of creation, transfer, storage, archival, discovery, and disposal. To learn more, please visit the Protected Trust website.

Six/Ten owns a preferred membership interest in Island Grove, LLC. Headquartered in Hawthorne, Florida, Island Grove is Florida’s largest grower of organic blueberries and and one of the largest blueberry producerd statewide. Additionally, the nursery is the largest producer of blueberry plants, growing more than three million plants per year. The company owns 1,050 acres of agricultural and timberlands in Alachua, Putnam and Desoto counties, 400 of which are currently in production.

Recently, Island Grove also entered the wine market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Island Grove Winery, LLC. The winery produces 100 percent blueberry and other fruit-based wines at a capacity of more than 500,000 bottles per year. Currently, Island Grove distributes its wine in 245 outlets across Florida and is in the process of expanding sales into Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. Read more about the Island Grove story here.

NexLP is an e-discovery company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Using language processing and machine learning technology, NexLP identifies trends and provides predictive intelligence for fraud detection, privacy and security.Recently, NexLP was selected for the prestigious Techstars 2014 class in Chicago. Read more about the NexLP team and their process here.

Located in Auburndale, Florida, Chemclad is proud of its 32-year history as an OEM manufacturer of laminated panels and component parts to the commercial casework industry. Recognized for their dedication to service and quality, Chemclad deals directly with industry leaders like Formica, Wilsonart, Nevamar, and Pionite as well as all the major wood and substrate mills. Chemclad’s goal is to set the industries benchmark for quality and value. Learn more about the Chemclad LLC here.