People of all ages are beginning to discover the many benefits of smaller town living. As baby boomers begin to retire, a majority head south to states like Florida, with areas in the middle of the state gaining many of these transplants. According to a report by NPR, Florida actually has six of the nation’s 20 fastest-growing metro areas. This growth has boosted the state’s population to nearly 20 million.

Cities like Winter Haven offer residents many of the amenities of larger cities, such as restaurants, retail and nightlife, but without the higher cost of living. These perks have multi-generational appeal since younger folks need office and living spaces.

In some cases, these cities even have additional benefits not available in other areas of the state. For example, Winter Haven passed an ordinance allowing the use of golf carts downtown.

Six/Ten is contributing to the economic development and urban rebirth of Winter Haven through several new office, retail and  residential offerings in the historic district. The company has acquired more than two dozen properties in the area and is recapturing their original, beautiful architecture while modernizing them with updated technology and amenities.