Case Studies

Transforming downtown, one building at a time

Inland Fiber & Data Park

199 Avenue B NW, and 200 Avenue B NW, Winter Haven

Situated near the center of downtown, Winter Haven’s Inland Fiber & Data Park includes two extensively renovated, former telecommunications buildings. Both are highly connected to various internet providers, including Level 3, FPL Fibernet, Time Warner Telecom and Lambda Rail.

Six/Ten purchased the 200 building in 1991, but didn’t begin its renovation until 1999. The three-story building now consists of almost 60,000 square feet and houses numerous tenants enjoying the bandwidth.

Six/Ten entered into an innovative condominium arrangement with Verizon to purchase the 199 building in 1999. Since then, Six/Ten has also purchased a number of surrounding properties to provide adequate parking.

While Frontier retains ownership of portions of the third and fourth floors, Six/Ten owns the remaining property (consisting of over 128,000 square feet), plus the right to add additional stories. Up to category 5 hurricane-rated space available.

Six/Ten re-purposed the building to house extensive data center operations, a large medical clinic, and a mix of other professional and high-bandwidth users, including Protected Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Six/Ten. It is a unique digital cross-roads, with few other buildings like it in the state.